Our Story

Ribbon Chix Boutique is co-founded by sisters, Michelle Doron Flota and Krista Doron Hatchett. Growing up on a farm in Murray, KY, with a mother who had a home business of creating and selling appliquéd apparel and working with their parents in the family tobacco patch, the pair learned early their love for creativity and the reward of hard work.

After each graduated from Murray State University, they began their careers in outside sales, eventually leading Michelle to Medical Equipment Sales and Krista to Pharmaceutical Sales. During this time, both sisters married and had daughters of their own. Wanting to provide their daughters with the same adorable handmade items they grew up with, they sought advice from their mother on how to make bows. The cuteness of the bows rapidly spread to friends wanting these bows and hair accessories. Michelle and Krista were quick to start making and selling them to friends, wholesaling their items to boutiques, and setting up at craft fairs and trunk shows.

Both sisters, still having full time positions in sales, often found themselves producing their merchandise late into evening and the early morning hours. In fact, it was a couple hours past midnight on the day they were to set up a trunk show when they realized they did not have a name for their “business.” Looking around a room covered in ribbon from making hair bows, Michelle said, “How about Ribbon Chix?”

The sisters quickly realized that bows sell better with a matching outfit, so they sat down with their mom and learned to make children’s clothing. They were loving this newly found side business, but found it tough to give up the regular income provided from their full time jobs. However, when the pharmaceutical company that Krista worked for announced bankruptcy, she found herself in a position to either find another sales job or dedicate her time to taking the business to a new level. After much prayer and encouragement from her husband and family, she decided to dive head first into Ribbon Chix.

It was then that the sisters opened a tiny, tiny (really tiny) store downtown Murray. Most of the items in the store were handmade, so inventory remained small. Eventually the sisters decided to bring in outside clothing lines, and off to market they went. It didn't take many trips to market for them to acknowledge their affinity for women's fashion.

The rest is a blur...the journey continues to bring large amounts of fun, small amounts of stress and a never-ending stream of blessings and new friends. The sisters, with help from their amazing team, have made dreams come true! However, new dreams and new goals continue to fuel their fire.